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Up Your Cold Brew Tea Game in 3 Simple Steps!

Probably the only thing greater than a hot cuppa tea, is a refreshing cold brew tea to beat that midday heat! Follow these 3 simple steps for delicious iced tea chockful of flavour every time.

1. Use the Right Amount of Tea 

In a glass bottle, place 1 tea bag or 1 teaspoon of your favorite tea per 180-200ml of water. Optional add-ins include fresh mint leaves, lemon or cucumber slices. 

2. Pop It In The Fridge

For the best super smooth tasting tea, some patience is required. Heat can often bring out the tannic, bitter flavours in tea leaves. To combat this, place the bottle in the refrigerator and let the tea infuse the water for 12-24 hours. The reason why it's called a Cold Brew is due to it brewing slowly in a constant chilly temperature. The end result is a perfectly refreshing cold tea that isn't bitter in the slightest. 

3. Make it Fancy

Strain, and you have cold brew tea that can keep and will taste great for days! When its time for drinking, jazz it up further with some ice, milk, or a splash of bourbon. Mmm-mmmmm.
Try chilling any Kittea teas for a wild and wonderful cold brew tea. Chill The Norwegian Forest Cat: Prince of the Forest blend, add some chopped fruits and crushed ice for a fruity explosion perfect for your next pool party.



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